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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TKO: "In Your Face"; Lost But Not Forgotten

TKO is another one of those bands that I discovered during hours of reading Rock magazines when I was a kid. Somewhere along the line, I saw an ad for the band’s second album, "In Your Face", and I thought it looked cool. Take a look at the cover, every 15 year old in 1984 thought that Brad Sinsel looked cool standing over a topless chick in boxing gloves. The band’s name and the album’s image were genius to me when I was a young metalhead but the topless girl is probably what won me over! I never ended up buying the album but I did enjoy a dubbed cassette copy I acquired from a trader. Fast forward to the digital age and "In Your Face" has been reissued by various labels over the years…..all unofficially. 

The album got reissued in 1998.

Brad Sinsel – Vocals
Adam “Bomb” Brenner – Guitars
Evan Sheely – Bass
Gary Thompson – Drums

The Rods: Ronnie James Dio´s Last Recording; "The Code"

The mighty Rods return with their first record in twenty-five years. Over the decades the New York-based trio have become the stuff of legends. Rabid fans have been clamoring for a new opus and "Vengeance" delivers. Not only does it seriously rock, but it includes one of the last tracks recorded with the great Ronnie James Dio. Guitarist / vocalist David Rock Feinstein of ‘70s group Elf (featuring Ronnie Dio) founded the group with drummer Carl Canedy and after a couple rotating players, settled in with bassist/vocalist Garry Bordonaro. Feinstein, cousin to the late

Ronnie James Dio, told us last year that he and The Rods would return to their former glory with a "Vengeance". Indeed they do, as this disc sounds HUGE with the drums, guitars and vocals charging from the speakers’ intent to do serious damage to the ears. The disc attacks with the crushing riff of “Raise Some Hell.” Rock’s guitar tone is thick and dangerous as his menacing growl barks a convincing anthem. Bordonaro bass is subtle, yet effective while Canedy’s drums bounce from left in right in a barrage of pounding rhythms.

Splitting vocal duties between Feinstein and Bordonaro has always giving the band its metal color. “I Just Wanna Rock” sees the first duet between the two as they swap verse lines allowing gruff and melodic to mix into a headbanger’s delight. The guitar solo is mind blowing with a shred facture that’s off the charts. It’s only appropriate The Rods keep to the theme of bikes, babes and rock. Titles like “Livin’ Outside The Law,” “Let It Rip” and “Fight Fire With Fire” all build into the epic presentation of a group that doesn’t compromise when it comes to what works at ear-bleeding volume. Feinstein’s guitar dips into Hendrix territory on “Ride Free or Die” as he belts out the classic tribute, “like Jimi said, ‘Let your freak flag fly.” Drums and bass work together to create the chugging gallop that sends “Rebels Highway” down an asphalt river of three-chord mayhem while “Running Wild” is pure old school Rods.
A lot of attention will be directed to the Canedy penned track, “The Code” featuring vocals by Ronnie James Dio. The Heaven and Hell singer stopped into the Rods’ studio several years back to lend a hand and polish off the ambitious tale in basically two takes. Dio adds just the right amount of mystic story telling to the five-minute legend that combines Canedy’s fascination with the books "The Da Vinci Code", "The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail". Fans will not be disappointed hearing one more treasured gem from the heroic singer. “Madman” may be Canedy’s most adventurous credit as he delves into the minds of serial killers. Treated with Alice Cooper-like zeal it’s a drummer’s delight and, if we’re not mistaken, is Canedy’s first time on a ragged vocal front. As in the past, songwriting is shared between Canedy and Feinstein, bringing out the best of The Rods collaboration. That comes into clear focus on the record’s title track “Vengeance” boasting all the snarl and bite of a caged demon. With old wounds healed, the power trio breathe new life into a genre long over due for another day in the spotlight. Check out an interview with Rods' drummer Carl Canedy by clicking here.

Find samples from the entire album on this location.

Fan-made video:

Europe: "Live Look At Eden" Coffee Table Book Due In August

Swedish hard rockers Europe will release a special edition 140-page coffee-table book in August. Entitled "Live Look At Eden", it will feature pictures following the Europe  bandmembers on their latest continental tour, as seen through the lens of legendary rock photographer Denis O'Regan.

The book will be offered in two sizes: a large "earbook" and an "earbook mini." The large format book will include the studio album "Last Look At Eden", a live CD recorded in London, Warsaw and Stockholm, and also a DVD with footage shot live at the iTunes festival in London. The mini book will include the live audio CD and DVD only. A very limited number of large books will also be offered personally signed by all bandmembers.

Europe's latest album, "Last Look At Eden", was certified gold in Sweden for sales in excess of 20,000 copies.

Note: The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) in Sweden has revised the sales requirements for albums to reach gold status in the country twice in the last eight years — from the pre-2002 level of 40,000 to the current 20,000.

"Last Look At Eden" entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 31. It also topped the Swedish chart in its first week of release.

"Last Look At Eden" was released in Germany on September 18, 2009 via earMUSIC/Edel Germany GmbH. The CD was issued in the U.K. on September 14. 2009.

From the epic title track to the melodic ballad "New Love in Town", this album is on another level, less extreme than previous offering, 2006's "Secret Society", and with matured sound, "Last Look at Eden" is a mix of all the elements that have made Europe famous the world over.

Europe - Making The Video 'Last Look At Eden' from Gothenburg Metal TV on Vimeo.

Chickenfoot: New Album "Heavier And Better"

Chickenfoot spent part of May holed up in the foot locker working on their second album, due sometime later this year.

Joe Satriani says, “Chickenfoot’s second album is almost finished, and we’re hoping to mix sometime in June. It is heavier, and better than the first one, and I can’t wait to get it out there!”

Michael Anthony says, “Been in the studio with Sammy, Chad and Joe finishing up the recording on the new Chickenfoot CD and having a blast!”

KISS: Rocks Sacramento; Eric Singer Interview; Video

Interview with KISS drummer Eric Singer by Marc McLaughlin, Scramento Press, at the Scramento gig on May 29th. Fan filmed video available below.

Marc McLaughlin: How does it feel to be doing a charity event for children (Walk ‘N Rock for Kids)?

Eric Singer: It's cool. I mean, everyone has to make a living, but when you can do what you love to do, make a living at it and also help people, it feels wonderful. I can do things that help people and I think that is really important. Then, when you add that it is for kids, it makes it even better. As you know, KISS does a lot of work with wounded soldiers and it is amazing being able to help them whenever we can.

MM: How does it feel to be a part of such an iconic band?

ES: Although I am not an original member, it really is an amazing feeling. This is a band that people recognize whether they know the music or not. The band is known world-wide; when we travel to Europe, it is just amazing how many people come out to see us. Being with people like Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, two original members, [makes you] realize that this band transcends generations and really touches people. Well, ultimately, your audience is what helps put you in a positive position. Without a fan base, you have nothing; however, you have to keep yourself there by delivering the music, the shows and the performances.

I always tell people, "You vote through participation in life."

If someone decides they don't like the product, service or the way they are treated, they will stop buying the product. Eventually, the company would have to redesign it or come up with a new product to keep their audience. This is true of anything, so your actions and your work need to be on target to keep you in business.

MM: Speaking of that, how does it feel now that the band is experiencing another reemergence in the music industry?

ES: Every band goes through their up and downs and their support comes in waves, so it is normal for us. It is nice though, seeing people still want to be around us and coming out to see this iconic band. Whenever you have people who support what you do, it feels good and we are just so supportive of that. Without our fans we would not be here, and knowing they support us is the ultimate compliment.

MM: KISS is known for their makeup most of all. How is it sitting there and actually having it applied - does it become a role you slip into or is it just one more thing that must be done?

ES: Yes, the makeup is something we are known more for than anything else. Some know the “monster” while others know the “star.” It is all a part of who we are. Because of that, the process is something that can not be explained. It takes a couple of hours to get ready and the makeup is a closely guarded secret. When I first started doing it, it felt strange to take on a role like that; becoming something so known, so iconic. Even after all this time, it is still the same. You become part of the character and you use that to entertain the fans.

Even with these interviews it is part of what we do. For this we flew in early so we could spend some time with the press. You know, Gene and Paul have been doing this since the beginning and they still go the extra mile and speak to people when asked. It is a part of what makes the band who they are. The work ethic is very high and an important part of what we do. Everyone does their part to keep things moving forward. Many bands of lesser levels do not put the time in and that is part of the reason why our fan base is as deep and supportive as it is.

MM: If there was one thing you would like to say to your fan base today, what would that be?

ES: I guess just keep doing what you are doing. It is a give and take, a mutual participation thing. One thing I learned in life is that you can't make everyone happy. You appeal to the majority by trying to find the ground that works for most. We thank the fans who come out and support us and continue to believe in this iconic band. Whether they have followed us for a day or 35 years, they are the reason we do what we do.

MM: Thank you for your time today and for supporting Walk ‘N Rock.

ES: Thank you and hopefully this will help the children of the community. We appreciate your time, and enjoy the concert.

Regretfully, the time came for Paul Stanley to attempt to say goodnight to the fans, who were simply not ready to let go. They chanted for an encore, and suddenly, KISS was back on stage to thrill the audience with “Black Diamond,” “Shout It Out Loud” and “Detroit Rock City.” Finally, an unbelievable night of charity for Hope Foundation finished with "Rock and Roll All Night."

Rush: Live At O2 Arena; Video

Here’s a tip:  if you ever get a chance to see a Canadian band on foreign soil, do it.  You’ll end up with a completely different perspective.

It had been years since Rush played the UK and, like here in North America, they’ve enjoyed a new measure of recognition, respect and success.  This was most puzzling to many in the UK music press.  The general consensus seemed to be “Rush has sold out the O2?  Are we talking about those geeky Canadian knob heads?  Are you sure?  How did THAT happen?”

The 22,000 fans so faithful and hardcore that they sang along with the instrumentals.  “YYZ” and “La Villa Strangiato” may not have lyrics, but that didn’t stop these people.

Rush: New 26 Min Interview With Neil Peart Available

ExploreMusic's Jeff Woods recently conducted an interview with drummer Neil Peart of Canadian rock legends Rush. You can now stream the 26-minute chat in the SoundCloud player below.

According to, Concord Records will release a Rush DVD with an undetermined title on September 27, most likely referring to a live DVD of Rush's April 15 performance at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

Rush's Cleveland performance of its "Time Machine" show was filmed as a tribute to the U.S. city that first played the band's music.

Cleveland is remarkable for being one of the very first U.S. cities where Rush performed, in addition to being the first city to provide American airplay. This also marked Rush's first live full-length filming on U.S. soil.

The "Time Machine"
tour was an evening with Rush, where the band performed its classics, gave a taste of the future and - for the first time ever - featured the "Moving Pictures" album live in its entirety. 

Jeff Woods sits down with Neil Peart by ExploreMusic

Vivian Campbell: On Ronnie James Dio In New Audio Interview

"Inside Heavy" recently conducted an interview with guitarist Vivian Campbell. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below. A couple of excerpts follow.

On his time in DIO:

Vivian: "It was pretty weird because Ronnie (James Dio) was so much older than me and it was really like being in a band with your dad. And in my case, (playing with) Ronnie was more like being in a band with your stepdad. 'Cause we really had a very strained relationship. We didn't have a lot in common other than the music; in fact, I think we had nothing in common other than the music. And I'm sure it was as awkward for him as it was for me. But, you know, musically, it was great; I mean, the first incarnation of the DIO band was, hands down, the best, and the first two records, in particular, were really, really strong and there was a great vibe in the band for those two records. And then after that something happened. A lot of people, to this day, still think that I left DIO, that I turned my back on the band, but that's absolutely not true. (Ronnie) fired me halfway through the 'Sacred Heart' tour, which was our third album, and our third tour. I never wanted to leave the band, but obviously Ronnie had a different idea and I actually never spoke to him since then. So it had been 25 years or something since I had last seen him or (we had) spoken (to each other)."

On whether he will participate in any of the Ronnie James Dio tribute albums that are being planned:

Vivian: "No. And I'm not too sure I want to, you know. Not that I've been asked, but even if wanted to, I'm certainly not available to; I'm about to go on a major tour with Def Leppard, and I've also been playing with Thin Lizzy this year - when I'm not playing with Def  Leppard, I'm playing with Lizzy, so it's a pretty busy schedule. But as far as doing a DIO kind of thing, I would only be interested in playing with the original guys - that was Vinny Appice on drums, Jimmy Bain on bass and Claude Schnell on keyboards. And then I can't imagine who would sing it; it would need to be a hell of a singer, 'cause, I mean, Ronnie was definitely the best of the genre. I can't imagine that too many guys can sing like that."

Saxon: Making Of "Call To Arms" Episode 1

The first in a series of webisodes featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the making of Saxon's new video, "Call To Arms", can be viewed below. In the four-minute clip, vocalist Biff Byford will guide you through the recording session of the choir voices used for "Back In 79" and introduce you to the lucky fans that were able to join the band in the studio and sing along.

"This is probably the best album we've written and recorded in the last 20 years," states Biff Byford unapologetically. "I know a lot of bands say that, but 'Call To Arms' really does feel like that to me. It's the perfect embrace of our past with a great modern edge."

Between the furious riffage of "Hammer Of The Gods" all the way through to "Ballad Of The Working Man", Saxon also found time to invite fans to sing on the nostalgic stomp of "Back In '79" thanks to a Byford brainwave the night before recording.

"We put something up on our website 24 hours before recording the track in Brighton, and funnily enough we had exactly 79 people show up on time to sing on the song. It was a fantastic result which is a direct tribute to 'Denim & Leather' where we did the same exact thing."

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Queen: Days Of Our Lives": Part 1 - 60 Min Feature Posted Online

The BBC has screened video of the last time Freddie Mercury ever performed. Mercury appeared on the BBC and performed a solo version of Queen's "These Are The Days Of Our Lives". 

The frail looking Freddie is seen in the footage having his make-up applied and checking his appearance before performing the song. Comedian Rhys Thomas had the footage in his archive. He was the co-producer of the documentary "Queen: Days Of Our Lives". 

Freddie was yet to announce he was suffering from the AIDS virus when the show was filmed. He only announced his disease publically the day before he died. The BBC documentary also features footage of the making of the ‘Radio Ga Ga’ video and the band talking after the controversy that arose from their ‘I Want To Break Free’ video. 

Part 1 (60 minute) of the two-part BBC 2 TV documentary, "Queen: Days Of Our Lives" can be seen below: 

Allman Brothers Band Tops Gibson "Rockin’ the Fillmore: The NYC Venue’s Top 10 Gigs" List

Many bands have gone down in history for amazing live gigs, but there are not too many venues that have achieved similar status. New York City’s Fillmore East, though, is one. Mercurial promoter Bill Graham closed the Fillmore East 40 years ago in June, 1971 (along with Fillmore West, in San Francisco), after just three years as rock venues. But in those three years, Fillmore East, in particular, played host to an unrivalled number of great bands, great gigs and great recordings. 

New York gigs can certainly pump up players to perform, but maybe there was something about the Fillmore that made for stellar shows; it wasn’t for nothing that the Fillmore East became known as “the church of rock ’n’ roll.”

The Allman Brothers played so many shows at Fillmore East that they were sometimes nicknamed “Bill Graham’s House Band.” Recorded over two nights in March 1971, At The Fillmore remains the go-to album for Allmans aficianados. These performances sizzle: Duane Alman’s slide on “Statesboro Blues” is the stuff of legend, while his interplay with Dickey Betts seemed almost telepathic. The Fillmore somehow helped the Allmans raise their game: “The audience would kind of play along with us,” singer-organist Gregg Allman recalled. “They were right on top of every single vibration coming from the stage.” Mammoth versions of “Whipping Post” and “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” also pack amazing guitar punch but, as with Jimi, the shows seemed cursed. Duane Allman died in a motorcycle accident just three months after the album’s release.

Black Label Society: John "J.D." DeServio Video Interview

Shane Williams of conducted an interview with John "J.D." DeServio, bassist for Black Label Society and Cucle of Pain, on May 14, 2011 at Rockfest in Kansas City, Missouri. You can now watch the chat below.

Black Label Society is currently headlining Fuse's Uranium Tour 2011 presented by Mistress Juliya.

"Order Of The Black" was released in North America in August 2010 via E1 Music. The CD featured four unique covers designed by Zakk Wylde himself - one for each territory: North America, Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bob Daisley: In Depth Interview Covering His Entire Amazing Career Available recently caught up with bassist and lyricist extraordinaire Bob Daisley, who boasts a career spanning over 40 years and a resume filled to the brim with such notable acts as Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Gary  Moore, Black Sabbath and many more. With the anxiously-anticipated Deluxe Editions of Ozzy's first two landmark solo efforts, "Blizzard Of Ozz" (1980) and "Diary Of A Madman" (1981), hitting the street at the end of the month, Daisley spent time with correspondent Cory Lambert answering a vast array of questions from the past, present and future. Beginning with the most obvious (!), why do the Gods of rock n' roll smile on him so much? 

Bob Daisley: (laughs) "That's a funny question. Have never been asked that before. (laughs). I suppose in some ways I have been blessed. You know I feel very fortunate and grateful for the way my career has gone and for some of the great people I have had the pleasure to work with. I mean, from a young age, I was ready to put my best into what I did and make sacrifices and make that effort I think you get results. I suppose I have as you said, been smiled on by the gods." Recently on th
e Facebook page,
they asked who Bob Daisley was and the most common response was "genius" or "legend".

Bob Daisley: "Wow, that's fantastic. It's really amazing. It's really an honour for me to hear stories like those. I mean, how the lyrics started out, was I had written things before but I had not regarded myself as a lyricist or anything but it was really; well, necessity is the mother of invention and Randy (Rhoads) wasn't a lyricist and Ozzy hadn't written any lyrics in Black Sabbath. Lee Kerslake has written some songs himself, but he himself said he was not a good lyricist. I remember coming down one morning when we were rehearsing and writing and auditioning drummers, before Lee was in the band and Ozzy and Randy had tried to put some lyrics together, but I read them and thought this was so Spinal Tap, I mean, they were awful. (laughs) I mean, Spinal Tap was not out yet, but they were corny and cheesy lyrics. I just thought to myself that I had better write the lyrics. Ozzy was good at vocal melodies and obviously Randy was a genius guitar player, so I did the lyrics. Well, I co-wrote a lot of the music with Randy. A lot of the classic riffs, well, those are Randy's but we put the songs together musically. And then Ozzy came up with the melodies and I wrote the lyrics to them. It was a combined effort and I think it was all meant to happen, I mean it seems that way." 

Read the entire interview on this location.

KISS: Eric Singer On Forthcoming Album

Kiss Army Australia recently conducted an interview with KISS drummer Eric Singer. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Kiss Army Australia: It's been a little over 18 months since the release of"Sonic Boom", an album which had the band much sounding much closer to its trademark '70s sound. How do you see that album now? From your perspective was there anything you though "maybe I should have done that differently" or "I didn't quite nail that?"

Eric: "Sonic Boom" was really good and was the first step in the right direction for KISS. The newest record we are now working on at this time will show a natural progression from "Sonic Boom" to KISS 2011 as you will all hear soon enough.

Kiss Army Australia: From the outside looking in it seems as though the band is quite early in the stages of preparing the follow up album. In going about the preparation of the album is there a focus on creating an album that follows in the vein of "Sonic Boom" or is it more of a case of seeing where the band ends up once tracks are "in the can?"

Eric: We are already knee deep into the new record as I write this... All I can say is you will all be very pleased. The material is stronger and more riff oriented and very hard/heavier style. Everyone that has heard material so far is raving about the stuff and we are, too.

Kiss Army Australia: Has your involvement on the new album been any different to "Sonic Boom", or earlier KISS albums?

Eric: As a band we are more comfortable and have more time together under our belts now that really shows in our writing, performances, etc. We work out all the material together in rehearsals as a band before we go into the studio. It really makes for better vibes and performance overall.

Read the entire interview from Kiss Army Australia.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne On New Album: "It's Going To Be Back To Balls To The Wall"

A new interview with legendary heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne will air on Planet Rock on Monday, May 30 at 7 p.m. Ozzy talked to Nicky Horneabout the upcoming 30th-anniversary reissues of Osbourne's first two albums, "Blizzard Of Ozz" and "Diary Of A Madman"; his love of touring, the ups and downs of Black Sabbath; his one wish that his original guitarist Randy Rhoads would still be alive. Ozzy also revealed that he will go back to basics on his new CD. "On my next album, I can assure you it's going to be back to balls to the wall," he said. "I have already been writing some stuff, (working on) some ideas with my band."

Planet Rock broadcasts on digital radio, Sky 0110, Virgin Media 924, Freesat 730, online and on iPhone.

In a recent interview with Metal Messiah Radio's "Heavy Metal Thunder"show, Ozzy stated about his planned follow-up to 2010's "Scream", "I wanna get more back down to basics with this next album. 

"I haven't got a title. I've written a couple of ideas down. But I can't really give you much more information. It's not gonna take a long time, I don't think. All I can say to you is I've got a few ideas for songs, but I don't wanna say when it's going to be released because I don't know myself.

"I don't stick to a formula. I just try and experiment a lot. 'Scream' was more like a an experimental album because I didn't have a band at the time. Gus came along and the guys played on the album after I'd done a lot of the work myself and my producer, Kevin Churko, in my studio." 

Ozzy Osbourne's current touring drummer, Tommy Clufetos, told the "Talking Metal" podcast that early work is already underway for a follow-up to "Scream" and that he thinks Ozzy is "going to return to a classic rock band record." Clufetos added, "What he has expressed is that he wants to make it the band playing live in a room so wherever that takes us. Less technology and more amps and drums."

Ozzy recorded much of "Scream" in a studio at his home in Los Angeles with producer Kevin Churko, doing most of the writing and recording on computers. He told The Pulse Of Radio he liked working that way but wanted to do something different next time out. "At the end of the day, the end result was pretty cool, but I don't know whether I want to continue to do it that way," he said. "I like to - like the earlier albums, I'd go rehearse and jam out with the band, get some, like, vibe going, you know. I want to incorporate that and this new technology thing, next album."

Clufetos told "Talking Metal" that Ozzy and the touring band have already begun working on song ideas between shows on Ozzy's latest tour, saying, "We are already coming up with new ideas backstage, in the hotel rooms and at soundcheck and have a bunch of ideas recorded . . . time will tell what happens with them."