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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Black Sabbath: Premiers "End of the Beginning"; Auckland Vector Arena 2013 Footage Posted

Tommy Clufetos, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi. (Photo by: Alexander John McWatters)

Black Sabbath kicked off their world tour in Auckland, New Zealand on April 20. They premiered the new song "End of the Beginning" - awesome song - and did "God Is Dead?" as well!! Some footage has surfaced online:

"End of the Beginning" x 2
"Black Sabbath"
"War Pigs"
"Iron Man"
"God Is Dead?"
"Fairies Wear Boots"
"Electric Funeral"

According to, this is the songs they played:

War Pigs 
Into the Void 
Under the Sun 
Electric Funeral 
Black Sabbath 
Behind the Wall of Sleep 
End of the Beginning (Live debut)
Fairies Wear Boots 
Symptom of the Universe 
Drum Solo 
Iron Man 
God Is Dead? (Live debut)
Dirty Women 
Children of the Grave 



  1. sounding really good! but I can only wonder at how really awesome it would have sounded with the other guy (...on drums)

  2. ozzy really looks old and wasted. Looks he's ready to kick the bucket

  3. I think they sound absolutely wicked on these live clips..I love this live footage and I am very happy with the new songs and that they are back playing live again. Ozzy sounds great and looks good..All the naysayers and haters need to get a life..Black Sabbath are back and bringing happiness and killer doomy music to a lot of people once again..I think Brad Wilk's drumming is very much like a young Bill Ward too..Long live Black Sabbath!!

  4. when I was a child almost every night I dreamed of being Tony Jommi, and playing with Black Sabbath, my mother would wake me up 'cause I was shaking and I was moving my hands like playing the guitar, those were my guitar lessons.Thank you for all Black Sabbath,i love you all.