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Monday, December 26, 2011

Richie Sambora: New Solo Album Coming Spring 2012

While Bon Jovi fields death rumors (yes, he’s alive and well), his lead guitarist Richie Sambora is starting work on his third solo album at Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood. According toBroadcast Newsroom, Sambora has tapped Luke Ebbin, who manned the boards for Bon Jovi albums "Crush and Bounce", for the project.

“Richie and I have worked on and off together for years,” Ebbin told Broadcast Newsroom. “Richie came off the Bon Jovi tour energized and we got together to write a couple of songs. The results were very good, so we kept writing more and decided to go in and record them.

“The recordings came out great, so Richie decided why not make this a solo record? There are eight songs in the can now, including a co-write with Bernie Taupin...”

Sambora’s first solo release was 1991’s blues-based "Stranger in This Town", and he followed up that with 1998’s "Undiscovered Soul". Ebbin says the guys have started round two of sessions and hope to have the full album done by early spring.


  1. Richie the sudden gaps? I remember saw you perform. During first solo, 21yrs ago. Besides
    once, informed fans going leave. Bon Jovi what
    happen? Richie you need to decide. Do you seek,
    independence or inclusion. Band setting,really
    Richie. Time has elasped could sell. Out concerts without Jon special. Appearance good luck to you. Richie if this title becomes. Hit
    shall depart from Bon Jovi? Next year 30yrs of
    Bon Jovi band wow! Good luck Richie 14yrs new title? Wow

    1. you suck man, Richie is one of the most talented rockers in the world period! so you went to see him 21 years ago WOW, give the man a chance dont forget music is the biggest thing around. Richie mate you keep on rocking brother, cant wait for the new album! As for you Anonymous get real man so he has had a break and what?

    2. Did anyone slate Jon for his solo efforts or acting roles?? Even David Bryan has his own agenda with his work on The Toxic Avenger....Tico is an artist.....
      Richie is an individual and a musician in his own right, and damn good too. I have seen him live on his solo tour but I have also seen him with Bon Jovi. Let's face it Jon wouldn't be Jon without a Richie, and Richie wouldn't be Richie without Jon! These guys will have their own successes but they got to the top together. I live eat sleep breathe Bon Jovi but I absolutely cannot wait to hear Richie's album!
      Oh and if he hadnt had such a long time between solo albums we wouldn't have the Bon Jovi records we have to date and where would Bon Jovi be then?
      Rock on Richie!!!!!!!

  2. Go to this location for an update:

  3. anyone forgetting here that he has been touring with BON JOVI all of this time, duhhh :-)


  5. Richie isssss thu besst