KissFAQ has been working on a project to convert the tour book archive to PDF format since many of the scans currently in use were low-res. The first batch have been completed and include:

Kiss On Tour, 1976 (RARO) (6MB)
Japanese Tour, 1977 (13MB)
Japanese Tour, 1978 (12MB)
Dynasty version 2, 1979 (6MB)
Dynasty version 3, 1979 (7MB)
10th Anniversary Tour, 1982/3 (9MB)
Crazy Nights Japan, 1988 (13MB)
KISS Konvetions, 1995 (14MB)
Alive/Worldwide Japan, 1997 (17MB)
The Farewell Tour, 2000 (33MB)
KISS Symphony, 2003 (12MB)
Alive In Japan Tour, 2003 (13MB)
Rock The Nation Tour, 2004 (13MB)

These are not full-scale reproductions since that could cause problems... Scans were done at 75% of original on a 11x17" flatbed, and then rescaled into a 6x9" page-size. And yes, there will be further additions. Check the tour book archive at: