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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TKO: "In Your Face"; Lost But Not Forgotten

TKO is another one of those bands that I discovered during hours of reading Rock magazines when I was a kid. Somewhere along the line, I saw an ad for the band’s second album, "In Your Face", and I thought it looked cool. Take a look at the cover, every 15 year old in 1984 thought that Brad Sinsel looked cool standing over a topless chick in boxing gloves. The band’s name and the album’s image were genius to me when I was a young metalhead but the topless girl is probably what won me over! I never ended up buying the album but I did enjoy a dubbed cassette copy I acquired from a trader. Fast forward to the digital age and "In Your Face" has been reissued by various labels over the years…..all unofficially. 

The album got reissued in 1998.

Brad Sinsel – Vocals
Adam “Bomb” Brenner – Guitars
Evan Sheely – Bass
Gary Thompson – Drums

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