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Monday, May 30, 2011

"Queen: Days Of Our Lives": Part 1 - 60 Min Feature Posted Online

The BBC has screened video of the last time Freddie Mercury ever performed. Mercury appeared on the BBC and performed a solo version of Queen's "These Are The Days Of Our Lives". 

The frail looking Freddie is seen in the footage having his make-up applied and checking his appearance before performing the song. Comedian Rhys Thomas had the footage in his archive. He was the co-producer of the documentary "Queen: Days Of Our Lives". 

Freddie was yet to announce he was suffering from the AIDS virus when the show was filmed. He only announced his disease publically the day before he died. The BBC documentary also features footage of the making of the ‘Radio Ga Ga’ video and the band talking after the controversy that arose from their ‘I Want To Break Free’ video. 

Part 1 (60 minute) of the two-part BBC 2 TV documentary, "Queen: Days Of Our Lives" can be seen below: 

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