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Monday, October 8, 2012

KISS: The KISS Casablance Single Collection Details

According to the excellent KISS Mask Webzine will UME release a collection of KISS singles as early as November. The box set will be available at Barnes & Noble and Best Buy.

The set will consist of 29 singles, 26 of them are picture sleeve singles with the solo singles in colored vinyl, red, green, red, blue and feature a mask of each member just as it was released in the UK. The box set comes in a black case with a firery KISS logo emblazed on the front.

What the collection consists of:

Nothin' To Lose/Love Theme from KISS
Kissin' Time/Nothin' To Lose
Strutter/100,000 Years
Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll/Hotter Than Hell
Rock And Roll All Nite/Getaway
C'mon And Love Me/Getaway
Rock And Roll Nite (live)/Rock And Roll All Nite
Shout It Out Loud/Sweet Pain
Flaming Youth/God of Thunder
Detroit Rock City/Beth
Beth/Detroit Rock City
Hard Luck Woman/Mr. Speed
Calling Dr. Love/Take Me
Christeen Sixteen/Shock Me
Love Gun/Hooligan
Shout It Out Loud (live)/Nothin' To Lose (live)
Rocket Ride/Tomorrow And Tonight (live)
Strutter '78/Shock Me
Hold Me, Touch Me/Goodbye (Paul)
New York Groove/Snowblind (Ace)
Radioactive/See You In Your Dreams (Gene)
Don't You Let Me Down/Hooked On Rock 'N Roll (Peter)
You Matter To Me/Hooked On Rock 'N Roll (Peter)
I Was Made For Lovin' You/Hard Times
Sure Know Something/Dirty Livin'
Shandi/She's So European
Tomorrow/Naked City
A World Without Heroes/Dark Light
I Love It Loud/Danger

Expected release is November.


  1. If you're going to take what I've written and copy/paste from my blog, on KISS MASK, please give me credit.
    Thanks, Frank Hagan KISS MASK

  2. There is no reason for any fan to get this comp.
    Just another means for Kiss to make more $$ for themselves.
    Kiss just ruined the experience of having a new record(Monster) by releasing a collection of singles close to the new record release date.
    What a shame!

    1. Ruined it for you maybe, but I think this is an awesome idea! I know what I want for Christmas!

  3. Sorry about that, Frank! My mistake - it`s fixed now.

  4. Thank you Martin. I don't mind anyone using what I've written just as long as I get credit.- we're cool. Frank

  5. So you didn't get the information from the Walmart Zine edition of the Monster CD, and forget to give credit yourself, because it looks like you did

  6. I think that its about time Kiss used that greed for money to put out something most hardcore fans will be truly excited to jam their hands in their wallets and buy! I for one am in disbelief they are putting this set out!!! How awesome will it be to be able to get not one or two.....but ALL of the KISS vinyl singles in one package, with original artwork, just as it was back then??? To me, this is a no brainer!!! I'm sold!!! If they would do more merchandising like this (aka- the new "replica" kiss dolls), schmucks like myself would be fighting to get at it all!!! Unless the prices get a bit too ridiculous!!! Aka-the next series of "retro" dolls!!!