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Monday, October 8, 2012

Led Zeppelin: "I Don`t See Another Led Zeppelin Reunion", Says Jimmy Page

They might be rolling out their new concert film with all the pomp and circumstance of a full-fledged studio album, but that doesn’t mean the surviving members of Led Zeppelin are making any plans for future projects.

Jimmy Page put down the reunion rumors in a new interview with Rolling Stone, saying that part of the impetus behind releasing "Celebration Day", the concert film commemorating the band’s one-off reunion in 2007, was a desire to bring fans closer to their performance. “With Led Zeppelin, it has always been that mystique of how the music is done how it works, why it works,” (...) “The closer you can get in on that and the more lingering it is, the better.”

“It was a serious test, and we passed it, all of us. And we had an extraordinary communion on the stage. That’s alive and well when you see it,” Page told Rolling Stone, but he, Plant and Jones seem willing to let "Celebration Day" remain the final word on the band. “I think if there had been any more concerts to be done, we’d already be talking about them. So I don’t see it,” he shrugged, calling the film “a testament to what we did in 2007. There it is.”

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