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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

KISS: "Lick It Up"; 25th Anniversary By PodKISSt

"Lick It Up" is the 11th studio album by KISS. On the day of the album's release, KISS appeared on MTV without their trademark makeup (see video below). It was the first public appearance without makeup by KISS since the very early days of the band. The title track remains a regular staple in on the band's live performances, but the rest of the album is rarely played live.

Now, PodKISSt tells the story of the album:

«Without change, KISStory would be a brief and boring tale to tell.

In this installment, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of an album that marked one of the biggest changes in the band’s career. That album is “Lick It Up,” and it forever changed how KISS was seen and heard by fans and critics throughout the world.

Join us as we revisit this excellent album in PodKISSt style, with the demos, live tracks, interviews, and discussions you won’t find elsewhere!» 

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