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Monday, December 12, 2011

Steve Perry: "Neal`s Guitar Is Stupidly Amazing"

Steve Perry may never reconnect with Journey, but he’s beyond thrilled with the work he did during his time in the band.

Perry had a little refresher course in his history with Journey’s while helping put together tracks for the band’s Greatest Hits: Volume 2”release this year.

"When I heard these tracks come off vinyl again, I got emotional beyond my wildest expectations," Perry tells the St. Petersburg Times. "I forgot how good they were! The stereo separation. The echoes. The snare drum sounds. Neal's guitar is stupidly amazing, and completely still to this day underrated in my opinion."

"Neal and I have had our problems over the years. We probably don't like each other very much, because we had a lot of time together," Perry explains. "But I know we love each other, because when I listen to those tracks, I get all messed up about it. We don't have to work together. It's in the tracks. It's in the grooves. There was something magical about that band." 

There’s been no new music from Perry in 15 years, which begs the question: is the singer a bit intimidated making music that would be compared with his previous work?
"Is it intimidating at some level to not want to disappoint people? Of course it is," Perry says. "I had to give myself the right to suck and write some music that maybe isn't so great. I don't think it's so great. I play it for friends; they love it. But then there are other ones I know are better."

“If I could tell my fans anything right now, it would be that I want them to know I am happy,” he says. 
I was happy being in front of them every night. They lifted me to places I could not go without them. My voice was actually their voice, because I had to go get it because they wanted to hear it. I can't get that without them. I've tried to sing like that in my living room with my Pro Tools rig.”

"They don't even know how much of a part of my life they were,” continues Perry. “They think I was a part of theirs? But they'll never how 50-50 it really was. They need to know that. Without them, I was not who I am. That needs to be said. They literally made me happen." 

Check out Perry’s full session with the St. Petersburg Times

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