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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Iron Maiden: Live After Death; Full 130 Min Concert

"Live After Death," for any lover of heavy metal, is a necessity, along with live recordings such as Ozzy's "Tribute" and Zeppelin's BBC recordings. This is where the spandex 80s metal reached its high-point for British rock/metal. The album is wonderfully mixed and recorded. The remastered version is a step up from the original as well, and the songs are even spliced in different places for the remaster (the older cut did not include Bruce Dickinson's chatter before each song but rather at the back end of the previous song; also, on the older version, Churchill's speech was lumped in with "Aces High" but now it's a separate track).

On the older versions, one only received the tracks up until "Running Free," but the double-CD remaster is faithful to the old vinyl and cassette versions of the album which include the final 5 tracks or so. Some reviewers are upset about Dickinson's ability to sing the older Di'Anno songs, but I wound up hearing this album before the old Di'Anno albums and frankly I like Bruce's vocals a bit more. Di'Anno sounds almost like a punk rock singer than he does a metal singer. 

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