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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wrathchild: Live From London 1984; 60 Min Concert

Live At the Camden Palace Theatre, London November 9th,1984. Wrathchild epitomized trash and glam rock in early 1980s London. Their bouffant hair and studded costumes almost stole the show, that is until they launched into their heavy rock material, "Stakk Attack" or "Shokker". It wasn't pleasant but what would you expect from a band performing their own songs with titles such as " Blood on the blade ". It's all here in all its crudeness. Call it what you will and enjoy the circus.

Although the rock history books make scant mention of them, Wrathchild were early exponents of the high-haired, outrageously attired heavy metal movement of the mid-1980s. Fed on a diet of New York Dolls, T-Rex, and Black Sabbath records, Wrathchild amalgamated their influences into a glamorous and potent musical force. Bands such as Skid Row and Poison subsequently took this formula into the mainstream, and while Wrathchild didn't scale those heady heights, they left behind a highly entertaining musical legacy. Here, the heavily hairsprayed band is captured performing live amid a blizzard of lipgloss and eyeliner at the Camden Palace in London on November 9, 1984. Among the tracks are "Shokker," "Stakk Attack," "Law Abuzer," "Cock Rock Shock," and many others.

Track list: Stakk Attakk, Too Wild To Tame, Trash Queen, Sweet Surrender, Law Abuzer, Cock Rock Shock, Shokker, Alrite With The Boyz, Wreckless, Kick Down The Walls, Blood On The Blade, more.

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