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Monday, June 13, 2011

Molly Hatchet: "Greatest Hits II - The South Has Risen Again"; Full Album Samples Available

Molly Hatchet  will release a new compilation, "Greatest Hits II - The South Has Risen Again", on June 14th in North America. The album was released in Europe on May 17th via SPV/Steamhammer, and marks the 35th anniversary of this legendary rock band. 

The album is streaming in it's entirety as part of AOL's Full CD Listening Party. Check it out at this location. 


CD 1:
'Son Of The South'
'Heart Of The USA'
'Fall Of The Peacemakers'
'Safe In My Skin'
'Rainbow Bridge'
'Mississipi Moon Dog'
'Devil`s Canyon'
'American Pride'
'Down From The Mountain'
'Edge Of Sundown'
'Dreams I´ll Never See'
'The Journey'

CD 2:
'Bounty Hunter' (live)
'Gator County' (live)
'Whiskey Man' (live)
'Beatin' The Odds' (live)
'The Creeper' (live)
'Flirtin`With Disaster' (live)
'Sacred Ground' - previously unreleased 

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