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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Van Halen: "A Different Kind of Truth"; Samples From Entire Album Posted Online; "The Trouble With Never", "Blood And Fire" Full Versions!

Samples from all the songs on "A Different Kind of Truth" is made available on YouTube. You can now listen to snippets from all the songs in the clip bleow.

"A Different Kind of Truth" isn’t new at all - several tracks are reworked versions of tunes unearthed from the Van Halen archives

Some fans may think of it as a cop-out of sorts, a band relying on its former magic when faced with the challenge of writing new material and having trouble delivering. Singer Daid Lee Roth, however, sees it more as a collaboration with the past, a way of connecting the current band with the creative juices that originally inspired them.


  1. When old songs sound so up2date/2012, it would`nt make sense to not re-record it. It would be a insult to the fans not doing it!

  2. Agree. The snippets I`ve heard so far sounds very cool. I really don`t care if they are old songs - they are new now!

  3. I bet you that's Eddie and not Wolfie playing bass. Still sounds pretty good.