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Monday, June 13, 2011

Bon Jovi: Great Footage From Münich, Germany (June 12th): 3 Videos

Bon Jovi were ripping up the stage in Munich on Sunday evening and joined the online network to bring the show to music fans.

The band were set to stream only the first 30 minutes of the show from Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany before an expected crowd of 80,000 and millions watching via the internet; for some reason, Bon Jovi hit the stage an hour after the scheduled start time of the web stream, seemingly making up for it by extending the online feed to about an hour.

The hour delay was filled with commercials for Bon Jovi items and tickets, and also included some filler footage of a day off in the schedule of newly-returning-from-rehab guitarist Richie Sambora, as he did some UK press for some fashion stuff and worked with the team at Marshall amps on the design of a Sambora model.

As for the show itself, Bon Jovi kicked it off in high gear, blazing into the set-opener “Raise Your Hands,” which led directly into the 1986 smash, “You Give Love A Bad Name.” A mixture of new and classic Jovi followed, including Jon playing lead guitar on the 1984 single “Runaway.”

During the extended break in “Bad Medicine,” Sambora broke into “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by The Scorpions; Jon paid tribute to the legendary German band, saying, “That’s a great song. That's the only band on this planet Earth that I still will not let open for me because they would kick my ass up and down the street,” adding, “That is one of the great rock n' roll bands of all time, period – The Scorpions – (they) gave us our first shot on the road…anywhere.”

Also broadcast on radio and online through the band’s website, the Munich show was billed as a special preview for Bon Jovi’s European tour, which kicked off last Wednesday in Zagreb. The band will perform 24 dates across the UK and Europe before finishing at Lisbon’s Parque De Belavista on July 31.

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