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Saturday, June 23, 2012

KISS: "Hell Or Hallelujah" Single Artwork Unveiled; Sample Available

The artwork for the new KISS single, "Hell Or Hallelujah", can be seen right here. The track, which is expected to be released next week, was previously described by Paul Stanley as "uptempo" and "very definitive." Hear a sample of the song on Amazon.

"Hell Or Hallelujah" comes off KISS' new album, "Monster", which is scheduled for a fall release. The CD was again produced by the Stanley and is, in Gene Simmons' hunble words, "either the best or one of the top three records we've ever done. It's like 'Revenge' meets'Destroyer' - just guitar and drums, nothing else. No keyboards, no little boys' choir, no strings, no nothing. Band-written; literally we'd get in and strum guitars like the old days."

The album "was written very fast," according to Simmons and includes one track, "Are You Ready?", that he describes as, "an old song that was torn apart and re-written."


  1. Gene, how can it be Revenge meet Destroyer and not have keyboards and child choirs?

  2. In other words its not so much a Destroyer album,but more like a Revenge album with the KISS makeup on,and Destroyer era costumes.Right?