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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ace Frehley: Quality Fan-Filmed Footage From Pittsburg

Ace Frehley performing at RIB FEST 3 in Pittsburgh, PA on June 17, 2011.
See more fan filmed video footage of Ace in Pittsburgh here.


  1. (KISS song)
  2. (KISS song)
  3. (KISS song)
  4. (KISS song)
  5. (KISS song)
  6. (KISS song)
  7. (KISS song)
  8. (Hello cover)
  9. She 
    (KISS song)
  10. (KISS song)
  11. (KISS song)
  12. Encore:
  13. (KISS song)
  14. (KISS song)

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