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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Judas Priest: To Release "Single Cuts" CD-Singles Box Set And "Classic Album Collection"

All five members of Judas Priest - Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton, Ian Hill, Scott Travis, and the band's latest addition, 31-year-old guitarist Richie Faulkner (Lauren Harris, Dirty Deeds) - took part in a press conference Tuesday, May 24, at the Renaissance Hotel at Highland and Hollywood in Los Angeles to answer questions about the upcoming "Epitaph" U.S. tour and to formally introduce Faulkner. During the event, it was revealed that Judas Priest will release the "Single Cuts" CD-singles box set and the "Classic Albums Collection" later this year containing the following material:

1. "Single Cuts" CD-singles box set:

* The complete U.K. CBS/Columbia singles from 1977-2008 featuring all 7" and 12" tracks.
* All singles will carry original artwork.
* This box will only be available online and sold through the official Judas Priest web site.
* Fans can pre-order the box starting in June; the product will ship later in the summer.

2. The "Classic Albums Collection":

* Timed for the start of the U.S. tour
* Box set featuring all the albums from the classic lineup years, including first two Gull records
* Includes 17 albums (19 discs in total)
* All remastered albums with original artwork

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Entire press conference footage available at this location.

Glenn Tipton on final tour: "If somebody came along and said, 'Would you do a small string of dates,' we wouldn’t automatically say no to that. But in general, this is probably the last chance you'll get to see Priest live."

Rob Halford on new material: "We wanted to make at least one more great metal album that really represents all the wonderful things we've tried to do. If things go as planned, we want to get this out by the summer of next year."

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