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Friday, April 15, 2011

Paul Stanley: "Use Earplugs"; Video

A short video taken from Paul Stanley´s appearance on The Doctors earlier this week, can be seen below. Paul Stanley shares tips on how to protect your hearing.

Paul Stanley was born deaf of one ear. "Use earplugs for starters," he says. "If you have two ears, take care of them both."

And then you can rock and roll all nite!

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  1. You rock, Paul! Using earplugs, even when you are at a concert, would let you enjoy the music without endangering your ears. Continuous exposure to music from your iPod in long train rides or to the music in night clubs for several hours can permanently damage the structure of hair cells in your ear which is accompanied by a ringing, buzzing or roaring in your ear. So be aware of the consequences of hearing loss and use earplugs wherever you go.