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Friday, April 15, 2011

Paul Rodgers: New Interview; Kicks Off Tour

Simon Rushworth of recently conducted an exclusive interview with the legendary Free and Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers.

Paul Rodgers kicks off his UK headline tour in Blackpool tonight, supported by the fabulous Down N Outz, featuring Joe Elliott and The Quireboys. Read excerpts below.

rushonrock: Tell us about the band you’re bringing along for the UK tour…

Paul Rodgers: Well Howard Leese is still on guitar – we go back a long way and he’s become a permanent fixture alongside me. The same goes for Lyn Sorensen who’s been with me for the last five or six years. And I’m very pleased and proud to have Jason Bonham on the drums. We hooked up at the Ahmet Urdingen tribute show at the O2 Arena and then I saw him again just before Christmas. We did a charity show in LA with Joe Perry and I asked him what he was up to in April. Not much was the answer so I offered him the seat for the tour. He just puts so much into every performance. He’s certainly a chip off the old block.

rushonrock: Can you just remind us how the chance to play with Aerosmith came about and why did you turn it down?

PR: I met Joe Perry at an awards ceremony. It was the Classic Rock Magazine songwriting awards. Joe came up to me and suggested that Steven (Tyler) would be doing the American Idol thing and would I be interested in fronting Aerosmith if that was the case. I said to him that I was very flattered – it’s a huge honour to be asked to sing with such a big band. But I felt they would always get back together again and I said to Joe ‘just wait and see’. The next thing I know they’re headlining Download! The other thing is I really like Steven Tyler. I went to see the band in Vancouver and he was up there doing his stuff and it looked right.

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