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Friday, March 25, 2011

Rush: Interview With Geddy Lee And Alex Lifeson

Rob Fitzpatrick at UK-based publication Guardian recently caught up with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee to discuss the band's long career, focusing on the documentary "Beyond The Lighted Stage". An excerpt from the in-depth story is available below:

Rush, and Rush fans, are long used to being the butt of the joke – kimono-wearing, book-learning, heavily moustachioed Canadian prog-rock overlords never seemed likely to be at the cutting edge of cool. But what's really interesting is how their fan archetype – that nerdy, computer-club, Dungeons and Dragons-playing, comic-reading, sci-fi geek – has moved from the margins right into the very heart of the mainstream. Rush have been uncool for so long that they are, finally, perhaps the coolest band in the world.

"We've been vindicated!" laughs guitarist Alex Lifeson down the phone from his home in Toronto
a few days later. "A lot of fans feel vindicated, too. There is a segment of our audience that are outsiders and some have grown into power and influence, but that bond they feel to us is still there. It's very, very deep and I don't think it's like that for a lot of other bands."

Lifeson and Lee were the long-haired, music-obsessed children of Serbian and Jewish immigrants when they met at Fisherville Junior High in Toronto in 1967. They had both persuaded their parents to buy them guitars: Lee had a thing for Steve Marriott, but they both loved Led Zeppelin
. They both wanted to play in a loud rock'n'roll band.

"We also both wanted to play really fast," laughs Lee, sitting in the sunlit conservatory of a London hotel the morning after the screening. "That was really important. We wanted to play stuff that was hard to play. We're not so different now."

Read the full story on this location.

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