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Friday, March 25, 2011

Don Dokken: "Every Day It’s Getting Better"

Dokken frontman Don Dokken recently spoke to correspondent Deb Rao regarding his recent vocal surgery, the band's spring Tour, and issues a very special message to Japan regarding the recent earthquake tragedy. Are you happy with the results from your vocal surgery? I saw some videos from your show in Minnesota. You and the band sound great!

Don: "Thanks. Yes, it seems my voice is on the mend. I'm still singing with caution but every day it’s getting better, finally." Tell us a little bit about the set list on the current tour. Will you be adding a lot of new tunes into the mix over the next couple of months?

Don: "Yes, we will be changing the set a lot. We're going to do songs that we have never done live, starting in April. I’m honestly a bit tired of just playing the hits, time to mix it up and I'm sure our fans will be happy about it as well."

Read the entire interview on Brave Words.

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