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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Manowar: Vote For Your Favorite Song For The Set List

A few updates has been posted on the Manowar website:

The Manowar fans have spoken again! Both Manowar's shows in Gothenburg, Sweden on are sold out! But a third date has been added, Thursday, March 31st, 2011.

To all true brothers and sisters from Scandinavia and everywhere else: Come and witness Manowar's power in Gothenburg!

In addition to performing Manowar classics, the band will perform the entire "Battle Hymns" record in celebration of the release of "Battle Hymns 2011"! And YOU can help shape the set list: Vote for your favorite song
so that the untamed power of Manowar and their fans will shake the ground of Gothenburg, Sweden!

The band is scheduled to re-enter the studio in April.

Manowar bassist and producer Joey DeMaio previously stated about the status of the songwriting and recording sessions for "Hammer Of The Gods", "The truth is this: (original Manowar drummer) Donnie Hamzik is officially back in the band, and that changed everything for us. So all the songs that were written have been completely fucking thrown out, completely ditched — gone, never to be heard from again. The writing has changed because Donnie's back in the band and he's burning like a mad motherfucking demon on drums. So this album is gonna basically sound like I told you before — like somebody put gasoline on your fucking balls and lit it. So it'll be worth the fucking wait, 'cause when it comes, it's coming back."

"Hammer Of The Gods" was previously described as the first installment of "The Asgard Saga", the band's unique multimedia fantasy adventure with best-selling author Wolfgang Hohlbein.

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