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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fastway: New Vocalist And New Album "Dog Eat Dog"

The forthcoming new album from Motorhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke’s Fastway, titled "Dog Eat Dog", will feature the following tracklisting:
‘Deliver Me’
‘Fade Out’
‘Lovin’ Fool’
‘On And On’
‘Dead And Gone’
‘Sick As A Dog’
‘Freedom Song’
‘Who Do You Believe?’
‘Love I Need’
‘Only If You Want It’
Back in August 2010 after failing to put the 2007 Fastway lineup together for some summer shows, leader/guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke approached Toby Jepson (Little Angels) about recording the material they had written in 2008 for a Fastway album which never reached the studio due to circumstances beyond their control.
The album was recorded at The Chapel in Lincolnshire, produced bt Eddie and Toby and engineered by Ewan Davies who Eddie says "has x-ray hearing!"

Eddie recalls how they tried to stick to the demo's as much as possible. "There were some great moments that we really did not want to lose. We did not want encounter like that well known head fuck Demo Fever, which is where you re-record the tracks and they never sound quite as good as the demo.

"The songs didn't dissapoint. 'Deliver Me' was sounding awesome and the end of 'Fade Out' blew us away. The new songs, which on the demo had no final arrangement, were sounding better than we could have hoped for. The rehearsals had really paid off.

"Toby's vocals were really working well with the new guitar parts and the worries we had about the unknown tracks washed away as they were played back at 1000 watts...

"No recording is trouble free. I think in reality you do not want it to be. We had our moments but as recordings go this one went pretty smoothly.

"Toby's voice held up well and his bass playing was spot on.

"I have to say the rough mixes were sounding incredible, which is rare. Normally you get home and you're not sure. 'Maybe this could be better' and 'that's not right'. The kind of self doubt creeps in.

"Well not this time. The tracks sounded great - yes, there were some things that definitely could have been done different and some things maybe could have been better but the overall thing was rocking and that's what we wanted."

News on the album's release will be announced on Eddie's official web site. Also read this great in depth interview at Metal-Rules.
Fastway lineup on "Dog Eat Dog":
Drums: Matt Eldridge
Bass and Vocals: Toby Jepson
Guitars: Fast Eddie Clarke

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