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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Awesome Album Series #4: IRON MAIDEN "Killers"

I`m not sure if “Killers” is the best Iron Maiden album. But it`s awesome anyhow. It came out in February 1981, when I was 12 yeras old. My collection of LPs grew steadily. The first Maiden album I bought was “The Number of the Beast”, and then I bought “Killers” a few days after. Both albums are great. Was then, is now.

But “Killers” was so damn raw. The songs, the production, everything! I believe it is on my most-played-LPs-ever list, together with “Highway to Hell”, “Ace of Spades” and a bunch of others. “Killers” is awesome!

The album was their first with Adrian Smith and their last with Paul Di'Anno. Strangely enough, I didn`t miss Di'Anno on their next album - cause it was so different, I think. But the addition av Adrian Smith was cool. He added great stuff to the band.

And the cover art, maan, it has to be the best ever - up the irons!

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