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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

KISS: On Legacy, Music, Former Members; New 45-Minute Video Interview Posted

Artisan News Service has uploaded a 45-minute video interview with Rock Hall inductees KISS. The band talked about their legacy, music that inspired them growing up, their new album "Monster" and larger than life book of the same name, relationships with former members and more during a press conference and later two interviews with Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer.

Paul Stanley commented: "The spirit of rock and roll for me has always meant following the paths I choose regardless of what my critics or my peers think. For 40 years KISS has built an army that apologizes to no one and I'm honored to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame knowing we have remained true to ourselves and our fans."

Said Gene Simmons: "To the KISS Army, Ace, Peter, Eric Carr, Vinnie, Mark, Bruce, Tommy and Eric Singer, Bill Aucoin, Doc McGhee and to my partner of 40 years, the ever youthful Paul Stanley... and all the members of the KISS Family. This honor is for you. 40 years of Rockin' and still going strong."

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