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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Phenomena 30th Anniversary 2014

Phenomena celebrates its 30th Anniversary by performing live in 2014 for the first time ever! The critically acclaimed debut album "Phenomena" was released on Bronze Records in 1984. 

The Phenomena project will reissue the entire back catalogue, a remix of the 1984 album and a live DVD.

The Phenomena Project is a music concept, which has its original music roots within the rock genre accumulating album sales of over 1.2 million worldwide. Music and performance contributions are from musicians such as; Mel Galley (Trapeze & Whitesnake), Brian May (Queen), Glenn Hughes (Trapeze & Deep Purple), Richard Bailey (Magnum), Cozy Powell (Whitesnake), Rick Saunders (Fairport Convention), Don Airey (Deep Purple), John Wetton (UK & Asia), Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy), Ray Gillan (Black Sabbath), Neil Murray (Whitesnake & Black Sabbath), Leif Johansen (21 Guns), Michael Sturgis (Wishbone Ash) Keith Murrell (Mamas Boys) and many others.

To date there are three studio albums "Phenomena", "Phenomena II (Dream Runner)" and "Phenomena III (Inner Vision)", with a new studio album currently in production with producer Simon Hanhart. They are currently developing Phenomena as a major Rock Opera spectacular for the European Arena market in 2015 (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia). 

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  1. Six months after it was announced that PHENOMENA the event's organizers have released the following statement:

    "We regret to inform you that there will be no PHENOMENA concert at Sweden Rock Festival 2014.

    "Our contract for PHENOMENA's appearance at Sweden Rock, which was signed by the person who sold us the show, clearly states that a specific lineup would be participating. Unfortunately, it has come to our knowledge that, contrary to our what we were previously led to believe, no deals between the PHENOMENA representative and some of these specific artists were ever finalized, and a couple of these key performers have let us know that they will not be able to participate. We have also been made aware that two different parties are claiming to own the rights to the name PHENOMENA, and that the person who signed the deal with us may not have had the right to do so. In the light of all this, we have decided to cancel the PHENOMENA concert.

    "We deeply regret having to make this decision, but we feel that these musicians are such a vital part of this project that it would not be right to our audience to let the show go on without them.

    "If a PHENOMENA live show with a relevant cast, that can be verified independently by all parties involved, is put together in the future, we will naturally do what we can to give our audience the chance to see PHENOMENA then instead."