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Monday, March 18, 2013

Whitesnake: David Coverdale Talks New Album Projects In New Interview

Niclas Müller-Hansen of Sweden's Metalshrine recently conducted an interview with  David Coverdale. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Metalshrine: As I understand it, there's two live albums coming out, "Live In Japan" and "Live In Britain". Why two?

David Coverdale: Because they're both extremely different. We didn't plan the Japanese project. You know, the Japanese tour was booked and we were invited to headline at Loud Park and I hadn't headlined a Japanese music festival since 1984, so that was a very exciting premise for me. They made a very generous offer and then asked if they could film three songs for a TV special. We said OK and my co-producers, Doug Aldrich and Michael McIntyre, and I, mixed the three songs and obviously watching the video and going crazy. It looked fantastic and we had them send over the rest of the footage and thought, "This could be a fabulous follow-up to 'Still Of The Night'.". And where we are now, featuring new songs for the first time. The record company we work with, Frontiers, they were absolutely positive in their response, so we added that to the mix. What we're doing with the"Made In Britain" CD, is giving it a different sonic identity. The CD from"Made In Japan" is a soundtrack and the bonus stuff features behind-the-scenes, soundcheck stuff we recorded in different Japanese venues. Having fun with some our songs, like trying an unplugged version of "Good To Be Bad" and "Tell Me How" from the "Forevermore" album. Stuff that people normally don't get to hear. For the second CD, it's "Whitesnake the world record." We're taking songs from all over different cities, like Oslo and there might be a Sweden Rock. I'm not sure if we legally can do that. Stuff from Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio. It's two entirely different projects, and for the end of the year, we're hoping to achieve a limited-edition box set for Christmas, called "Forevermore - The Complete Collection", which will have everything "Forevermore"-related plus outtakes, alternate mixes, acoustic versions of songs, behind-the-scenes footage. Really cool stuff. It's fascinating, Niclas, because "Forevermore" is an extraordinary jewel in the Whitesnake catalog. It still got legs, as they say. It's still selling significant records, and now I'm involved in a daily exercise called Twitter. A lot of people didn't know Whitesnake was still going because a lot of people still don't search the Internet or listen to music and they feel they've grown out of music, but then discovering that we're still playing and not only that, but flourishing as a positive force. It's amazing, so people are checking out "Good To Be Bad" and "Forevermore" since the first of January. Everything just keeps igniting the next wave of enthusiasm for Whitesnake, which is a great feeling. 

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