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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Deep Purple: "Now What?!!; Cover, Track List Unveiled

Deep Purple will release their 19th studio album, "Now What?!" on the following dates:

* Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Spain: April 26
* UK, France, Benelux, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark: April 29
* North America, Italy: April 30
* Sweden: May 1

"We never used to do much more than just turn up at the studio, plug in our amps and play. We were literally a garage band back then. We disliked all the discipline of studios and all the engineers and all that, so we ended up recording bars and garages in the early days. And soBob really brought us back around into the 21st century. We're not normally very good at planning. The band turns up a rehearsal with no songs that's always been now we are. We just jam and by about the third or fourth day, we start to have ideas for songs and start developing from there. Back then and today, just like that." – Ian Gillan to Noisecreep.

"Now What?!" track listing:

01. A Simple Song
02. Weirdistan
03. Out Of Hand
04. Hell To Pay
05. Body Line
06. Above And Beyond
07. Blood From A Stone
08. Uncommon Man
09. Après Vous
10. All The Time In The World
11. Vincent Price

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