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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Neal Schon: Talks New Solo Album In Music Radar Interview

Joe Bosso of Music Radar recently sat down with Neal Schon to discuss his new album, "The Calling". Read a few exerpts below:

"I'm getting a lot of great feedback," Schon says with a laugh. "And it really pretty cool, especially when you consider how I made this record. It was all done very spontaneously. I sort of winged it and didn't pre-plan it. I think that's why it sounds so fresh."
The 12 instrumentals that make up The Calling are a lively, deeply soulful blend of furious rock, funk, jazz and blues, which Schon cut with a tight group of musicians: keyboardist Igor Len, along with two noted players from his past, former Journey drummer Steve Smith, and keyboard wiz Jan Hammer.
Read the full interview here.
Also read another great review of "The Calling", at Rock Guitar Daily by Tony Conley here.

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