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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aerosmith: Steven Tyler On "Street Jesus"

The working title was "Sweet Jesus," but producer Jack Douglas suggested "Street Jesus." Tyler went with it, inspired by his frequent sightings of a man well over six feet tall who wanders the streets of Los Angeles dressed as Jesus Christ. In the song, a rushed Tyler sings, "Somebody stole my shoes/ Man, I could smell the booze... After that thief I ran/ Into another man who had no feet."

"I sat down, put pad to paper and, before you know it, I had a bunch of one-liners or 10-liners about a story like that – about the holes in my shoes and the holes in his hand," Tyler recalls, "teaching in church what you learn in the street."

The finished song is the new album's second-longest track. Tyler compares the tempo and feel to Aerosmith's "Jailbait" from 1982, but bassist Tom Hamilton looks back further: "Steven nailed the lyric on it. It reminds me of a classic British thing from the Sixties."

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