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Saturday, September 15, 2012

KISS: "Monster" Samples From Entire Album Posted Online

KISS have unveiled 90-second preview clips from all thirteen songs on their upcoming album "Monster" allowing fans an early (if partial) listen to their much-anticipated 20th studio effort.

You can now listen to the samples from all the new songs in the YouTube clip below.

The Led Zeppelin-reminiscent riff of "Wall of Sound" commands immediate attention, as does Tommy Thayer’s solo on the same track.

The catchy refrain of the Gene Simmons-fronted "Eat Your Heart Out" and the AC/DC-ish rhythms of Paul Stanley`s "Take Me Down Below" - which seems to be about a sexual adventure on the KISS Kruise - are also pretty sure to peak your curiosity.

01. Hell or Hallelujah (4:06) - Stanley
02. Wall of Sound (2:56) - Stanley, Simmons, Thayer
03. Freak (3:35) - Stanley, Thayer
04. Back to the Stone Age (3:01) - Stanley, Simmons, Thayer, Singer
05. Shout Mercy (4:05) - Stanley, Thayer
06. Long Way Down (3:51) - Stanley, Thayer
07. Eat Your Heart Out (4:06) - Simmons
08. The Devil Is Me (3:41) - Stanley, Simmons, Thayer
09. Outta This World (4:29) - Thayer
10. All for the Love of Rock & Roll (3:22) - Stanley
11. Take Me Down Below (3:25) - Stanley, Simmons, Thayer
12. Last Chance (3:06) - Stanley, Simmons, Thayer
13. Right Here Right Now* (0:00) - TBD

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  1. Love it!!! Sounds like 70s KISS but modern still. Great work Gene and co...