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Monday, May 7, 2012

Virgin Steele: "Life Among The Ruins"; 2CD Re-Release Out In June

SPV/Steamhammer will re-release Virgin Steele´s "Life Among The Ruins". This 2 CD DigiPack re-release comes with massive bonus tracks and a huge booklet with new liner notes and unseen photos by David DeFeis.

Release Date Europe: June 18th, 2012
Release Date: Germany: June 15th, 2012
Release Date USA/Canada: July 17th, 2012

"Life Among the Ruins" was the fifth full length studio album by US heavy metal band Virgin Steele. It was originally released in 1993 and it`s the first album with bassist Rob DeMartino, who replaced Joe O'Reilly, retired from the scene. David DeFeis comments on the re-release: "We will shortly be re-releasing our Life Among The Ruins album. This 2012 version will be in digi-pak form and contain not one...but 2 discs with a large amount of extra ingredients. On the first disc we include 5 rare & unvarnished acoustic recordings, plus a full band bonus track. On disc #2 we have included 20 tracks. These tracks consist of a large amount of newly recorded material completed just this week, as well as alternate mixes of some of the album's original tracks. And in addition we have also included a never released track from somewhere around that period of time. All the material has been re-mastered, and the package will feature copious liner notes, photos and unique packaging....!"

Tracklisting: Double DigiPack incl. new booklet with rare photos and new liner notes by David DeFeis.

CD1: Life Among The Ruins”

1. Sex Religion Machine 2. Love Is Pain 3. Jet Black 4. Invitation 5. I Dress In Black (Woman With No Shadow) 6. Crown Of Thorns 7. Cage Of Angels 8. Never Believed In Goodbye 9. Too Hot To Handle 10. Love's Gone 11. Snakeskin Voodoo Man Full Electric Version-Bonus Track 12. Wildfire Woman 13. Haunting The Last Hours 14. Last Rose Of Summer Additional Bonus Tracks: 15. Snakeskin Voodoo Man-Live Acoustic Rehearsal Version 16. Jet Black-Live Acoustic Rehearsal Version 17. Purple Rain-Live Acoustic Rehearsal Version 18. Wildfire Woman-Live Acoustic Rehearsal Version 19. Eyes Without A Face-Live Acoustic Rehearsal Version.

CD2: "My Mourning Clothes"

1.When The Levee Breaks-New Bonus Track 2. Sympathy For The Devil-New Bonus Track 3. My Mourning Clothes-New Bonus Track 4. Mambo Sun-New Bonus Track 5. Ballrooms Of Mars -New Bonus Track “The Vertical Soul Suite": 6. Wild Thing-New Bonus Track 7. The Moonrise In Your Skin-New Bonus Track 8. Wild Thing "Reprise"-New Bonus Track 9. The Magick In Your Sin-New Bonus Track 10.Sex Religion Machine-Never Released New York Mix 11.Jet Black-Never Released New York Mix 12.Crown Of Thorns-Never Released New York Mix 13.Cage Of Angels-Never Released New York Mix 14.Never Believed In Goodbye-Never Released New York Mix 15.Love Is Pain-Usa-Never Released New York Mix 16.Invitation-Never Released New York Mix 17.I Dress In Black (Woman With No Shadow)-Never Released Ny Mix 18.Too Hot To Handle-Never Released New York Mix 19.Love's Gone-Never Released New York Mix 20.Flesh & Blood-Never Released Bonus Track.

Virgin Steele finally unveiled a new video and a new official YouTube channel:

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