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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

KISS: Eric Singer Talks "Monster" In New Interview

Photo by Mitch Lafon

Mitch Lafon from caught up with KISS drummer Eric Singer in the fifth and final installment of their series of interviews focusing on the 20th anniversary of the brilliant KISS "Revenge" album.

Here`s  an excerpt about the upcoming KISS new album "Monster".

How was it working on the new KISS album, "Monster"?

Singer: “When we first started working, Paul wanted to get all together and flush ideas out. He wanted it to be fresh with no old riffs that somebody had worked on a previous record (that you’re just trying to re-write). Gene will write 30 or 40 ideas just to come up with four songs for the record. That’s the way he works. Gene, Tommy and I went into a demo studio a couple of times to put some ideas down and I told Gene, ‘I think you have another solo record here.’ I told him that when we have a break, we should go in and put some of these other ideas down. He’s got a couple of songs that are in the style of ‘World Without Heroes.’ They’re really good. When, Gene writes in that style it kind of reminds me of a George Harrison kind of a thing, but Paul didn’t want any slower, mellower, ballad type songs on the record. He wanted everything rock n’ roll. Understandably, he had a point of view on the style and direction of the record. So, that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to stick to that point of view. No outside writers. No old material. All new material written by the band now. Nobody, but the band plays on the record. Nobody, but the band sings on the record. Nothing and that’s what it is.” More

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