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Thursday, May 31, 2012

KISS Attorney Raymond E. Scott: "I Actually Had Somebody Sit In For Peter Criss, And Wear The Same Makeup And Nobody Knew"; Video Report Online's Abby Ham reports:

Up in Tellico Village lives an attorney, but not just any attorney. This one has an interesting resume that rivals many hot shot Hollywood lawyers. Many know the music and style of the band KISS. Most importantly you know their faces. Raymond E. Scott is more familiar with those faces than most. After all, he did trademark them.

"No one had ever registered the face of an entertainer before. As a matter of fact, the trademark office said you can't do that," said Scott.

However, the trademark office went through with it after Scott's argument. He is an attorney, after all.

"I actually had somebody sit in for Peter Criss, the drummer, and wear the same make-up and nobody knew," explained Scott.

It wasn't just the famous KISS make-up. Scott helped Gene Simmons and his bandmates make millions of dollars starting with their first album.

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