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Monday, April 23, 2012

Van Halen: Pre-Tour Rehearsal Footage Surfaces

Some footage of Van Halens pre-tour rehearsal space has surfaced.

Months before hitting the road in support of their new album, A Different Kind Of Truth,” Van Halen were tucked away in a secret Los Angeles location in full rehearsal mode.

Two clips have recently landed online.

The first video shows someone secretly recording footage of the band’s room while band and staff are not around. It opens with the camera man flipping through a couple of pages of song titles, presumably those being worked up for the (then) upcoming road trip; a few of these tunes have yet to be played on the current tour. The videographer then walks the room, stopping byEddies pedalboard before scanning across stacks of speakers and Alexs drum setup. No date is listed or mentioned with the uploaded video.

The second clip was recorded December 14, 2011 as VH were in the room rehearsing China Town” from the new album. The video does not show any of the band members; because it was recorded secretly, viewers will only be able to hear audio of the song itself. The performance of the new track does sound impressive, two full months before the record’s release and the tour began.

Read more at VHND.

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