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Friday, April 6, 2012

T&N: Promotional Video Posted Online

A four-minute promotional video for T&N (formerly Tooth And Nail) - the new project featuring current and former members of Dokken - George Lynch (guitar), Jeff Pilson (bass), and Mick Brown (drums) - can be seen below.

T&N was recently forced to shorten its name from Toooth And Nail for legal reasons. The band stated, "We cannot keep [the name] as Tooth And Nail 
as there is a label that has it trademarked. [Fans] can still call us TO$%H AND NA$L... We can't."

T&N last month taped an appearance on an episode of VH1 Classic's"That Metal Show" which will air on April 14.

Matthew O'Shaughnessy from recently caught up with Lynch to discuss a variety of topics, including T&N:  I understand you have quite a lot on the fire recording-wise. 
George Lynch: "Yes, I've got an instrumental EP coming out called Legacy on Ratpack Records. And then Lynch Mob is going back into the studio right when we get off this current run of dates to record a five-song EP including one cover song which will be out before the summer touring starts.  And then we finish up the Tooth And Nail record which has a lot of guest singers on it such as "Ripper" Owens, Sebastian Bach, Glenn Hughes and Doug Pinnick of King's X. That's coming out in the fall.  And Lynch Mob is going to put out a full length album in early 2013.  So we've got back to back records stacked up! And just to make things even more confusing, I'm also doing a movie and a CD with a band called Shadowtrain and we're going into the studio on April 10th." 

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