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Monday, March 19, 2012

Bon Jovi: "Rockin' In Cleveland 1984"; New Live Album Available

A new Bon Jovi live album recorded by King Biscuit back in 1984 is now available. "Rockin' In Cleveland 1984" and many more titles are listed on Amazon UK among other places.  Originally aired as a radio broadcast.

That said, Bon Jovi most certainly were, in 1984, the most promising new rock band around and one that those in the know were already tipping for the top. Captured in FM stereo sound on this CD is one of Bon Jovi’s very earliest shows, played on 17th March 1984 at Cleveland’s renowned Agora Ballroom as part of the tour undertaken to support their debut, self titled album - released just two months earlier. With the whole show presented and broadcast across the airwaves by WMMS FM, this event remains more than just a distant memory of a talented rock band on the cusp of success, it is also now available here to enjoy again and for fans to relish, while comparing Jovi then with Jovi now – a very different group, albeit one whose sound retains many elements of familiarity.   
Track listing: 1. Intro 2. Breakout 3. Come Back 4. Roulette 5. She Don t Know Me 6. Shot Through The Heart 7. Love Lies 8. Guitar Solo 9. Get Ready 10. Runaway 11. I want To Take You Higher

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