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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Black Sabbath: Ozzy Osbourne Talks Reunion Plans, Tony Iommi`s Cancer In New Interview

XM Satellite radio re-branded their “Boneyard” metal channel to be called Ozzy’s Boneyard.   As part of the initial launch, there was an interview with Ozzy where he talks about the Black Sabbath reunion now, as well as Tony Iommi’s cancer. have made an overview:

The interview was broken up into a few segments, with about three songs played inbetween each segment.  Here’s John’s notes from the interview:

  • First Segment: They have 13 strong ideas, they are making demos, working on ideas – Geezer has been writing stuff. Tony’s on Chemo, said he’s been sick – has headaches – talked about Sharon’s cancer – said he’ll get through it – Tony went to Dr for enlarged prostate when they found other
  • Second Segment: on moving sessions to UK – said “Well its Hell, we all have individual managers” talks about how great Sharon is. Back on Tony – has monster riffs for the new stuff and was working in the studio today – says it sounds heavy, doomy and low-fi but there is some rock stuff on there as well – says Rick Rubin likes the 1st Lp and it will be few overdubs
  • Third Segment:  working with BS today vs solo – BS he’s part of a team, solo its his thing.  says he Geezer Tony and Bill are having a great time in the studio! (When was this recorded?!) says they goof around a bit not all work – Says he gets writers block – Tony never does – Talking about the old days they just played whatever they wanted and people took to it – Rick Rubin: greatest guy ever.
  • Closing Segment:   The tour: says he has no idea – says main goal is just to make a BS album – guy presses him on the tour, says over and over he doesnt know – mentions all including Bill again at the end, says they are just doing their thing, making a BS album – he’s freaked out to be back in Birmingham, staying at a hotel there – he works out every morning, host was talking about his paintings.

Summary bits..
  • They have 13 strong ideas, are in the studio working on putting the songs together.
  • Tony’s on chemo, sick – but working through it
  • Non-committal on tour plans, just concerned with making a Black Sabbath album.   The “non committal” thing might be why the tour dates have disappeared from the official site.
  • The fact Bill was mentioned twice leads me to believe perhaps this was recorded before Bill’s FB post and they were full well expecting him to show any day at that time.

Sharon Osbourne, the wife/manager of singer Ozzy, has shot down Internet rumors that she has effectively "fired" founding Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, who announced last week that he could not participate in the band's recording sessions or tour plans due to his unhappiness with the contract he was offeredWriting on Twitter, she said, "I am not in any position to hire or fire anyone in Black Sabbath. I don't manage the band, I manage my husband."

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