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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bill Ward Pays Tribute To Tony Iommi

Black Sabbath Online reports: 

"This past Saturday was the most recent episode of Rock 50 with Bill Ward. Rock 50 is a show on college radio station WPMD in Cerritos, CA. Once a month, Bill comes in and is the DJ, picks the tunes, and occasionally dispenses some nuggets from his past. 

Bill also will do themed “tributes” to various artists for whatever reason. On this episode, Bill did a tribute to Tony Iommi because of Tony’s recent 64th birthday. Bill talked a little about Tony’s birthday in intro-ing the piece. Bill played several Black Sabbath songs. 

Here’s what was played: 
'Wicked World' 
'Embryo' / 'Children Of The Grave' / 'The Haunting' 
'Johnny Blade' 
'Air Dance' 
'Hand of Doom' 

Read the full report at this location

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