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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thin Lizzy: "Fighting", "Nightlife" Given Deluxe Treatment

Universal Music have announced that the next two Thin Lizzy Deluxe Editions will be for "Fighting" and "Nightlife". Due out March on 12th in the UK, the band says "they'll be packed with some great bonus material, now that Scott (Gorham) has selected and approved everything we can confirm that the releases will be double albums with bonus demos, outtakes, rarities and some great unreleased songs."

A press release regarding both albums reads as follows: 

"Nightlife" was the fourth studio album from Thin Lizzy, released in 1974.This was the first album to be recorded by Mercury and was to mark the start of their classic era featuring Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson. The opening track 'She Knows' and the upbeat 'Showdown' are the high-water marks of this album. Having said this, there are some moments of tough rock & roll seen through 'It's Only Money' and 'Sha-la-la', which both act as a perfect showcase for Gorham and Robertson. 'Nightlife' has a more soulful sound than earlier Thin Lizzy records and show Phil Lynott's increasing growth as a songwriter.

"Nightlife" tracklisting:

Disc One
'She Knows'
'Night Life'
'It's Only Money'
'Still In Love With You'
'Frankie Carroll'
'Dear Heart'

Disc Two
'She Knows' (BBC Session 3/10/1974)
'Sha-La-La' (BBC Session 3/10/1974)
'It's Only Money' (BBC Session 3/10/1974)
'Philomena' (BBC Session 3/10/1974)
'Dear Heart' (BBC Session 23/10/1974)
'Banshee' (BBC Session 23/10/1974)
'Showdown' (Demos With Gary Moore)
'Still In Love With You' (Demos With Gary Moore)
'It's Only Money' (Demos With Gary Moore)
'Showdown' (Unreleased Alternate Take)
'Still In Love With You' (Unreleased Alternate Take) 

"Fighting" was the fifth studio album, released in 1975. Thin Lizzy were to finally create an identifiable sound drawn from hard rock, folk, pop and rhythm and blues. Fighting was to make a clear break away from the subdued nature of Nightlife, thus the lyrics 'fighting my way back' on the title track seem hard to not interpret. Fighting is tense, vicious rock and roll album and marked the sound of the band really coming into their own. It's hard not to be enthralled at their interplay especially when they were combined with Phil Lynott. Whether he's writing hard-charging rockers like 'Wild One', and 'For Those Who Love to Live' or combining both on 'Freedom Song', his songs manage to be both mythic and ordinary. This is testament to the strength of this incarnation of Thin Lizzy, who truly began their classic era with this dynamic LP.

"Fighting" tracklisting:

Disc One
'For Those Who Love To Live'
'Wild One'
'Fighting My Way Back'
'King's Vengeance'
'Spirit Slips Away'
'Silver Dollar'
'Freedom Song'
'Ballad Of A Hard Man'

Disc Two
'Half Caste' (B Side Rosalie)
'Rosalie' (US Album Mix)
'Half Caste' (BBC Session 29/05/1975 )
'Rosalie' (BBC Session 29/05/1975)
'Suicide' (BBC Session 29/05/1975)
'Ballad Of A Hard Man' (Unreleased Alternate Take)
'Try A Little Harder' (Unreleased)
'Fighting My Way Back' (Unreleased Alternate Take)
'Song For Jesse' (Unreleased)
'Leaving Town' (Unreleased)
'Blues Boy' (Unreleased)
'Leaving Town' (Unreleased)
'Spirit Slips Away' (Unreleased Alternate Take)
'Wild One' (Unreleased Alternate Take)
'Bryan's Funky Fazer' [Silver Dollar] (Unreleased) 

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