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Thursday, November 17, 2011

KISS: "The Elder: The Unauthorized Story Book" Coming In Spring 2012

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of "(Music From) The Elder," the most bizarre and unsuccessful album ever released by KISS, comes the first chapter of an upcoming book exploring this strange, misguided and yet oddly lovable record.

Music From The Elder: The Unauthorized Story of the Most Spectacular Failure in the History of Kiss" will be released in the spring of 2012. The book will explore the odd circumstances that led the traditionally hard-rocking band to attempt a classical- and Broadway-influenced concept record about a young boy’s medieval quest to become a warrior (or something), and the effect its commercial failure had on the band.
For more information on the book, including an offer to receive the first chapter free, click HERE.

Also, if you have any information or promotional materials you would like to contribute, you can find information on how to contact the book's authors at the link below: ... formation/

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