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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Van Halen: David Lee Roth Update From

The reliable Van Halen News Desk web site ( issued the following update on Van Halen and David Lee Roth:
First, VHND can confirm that the Facebook and twitter pages for David Lee Roth that popped up last week are 100% official. Roth’s twitter post was simply “Get Ready for…”
Since Roth has chosen to set up his social networking pages during this “calm before the storm”, we’ve decided to address some lingering rumors regarding his status in the band since rejoining Van Halen. Because of the fact that Roth hasn’t publicly spoken since the Van Halen tour ended three years ago, some fans have speculated that he might be under some sort of “gag order” that’s in place until the entire band agrees that it’s time talk. (After all, he’s David Lee Roth! And Diamond Dave loves the press, right?!) The truth is, there is no such rule and that Dave has stayed silent by his own volition. This fits with his patterns in the past as well. Roth does not do widespread publicity if there is nothing yet to promote. People forget that even during Van Halen’s early years, Roth would escape to secluded jungles in South America or Papua New Guinea, or go hike some high peaks in the Himalayas for weeks at a time when there were breaks in Van Halen action. He likes to completely disappear from the public eye just as much as he loves the spotlight.
Also, David is an FULL member in the band Van Halen, and has been since he rejoined in 2006 for the 2007-2008 tour. As with all band partnerships, issues that affect the band are voted on…and in certain situations a single vote can veto. We just want to clarify that Dave has an equal vote – just as significant as Edward’s, Alex’s and Wolfgang’s.
Another recent rumor that we want to address stated that Eddie Van Halen was unsatisfied with some of Roth’s vocals on the upcoming album, and that supposedly Eddie forced Dave to rerecord some of them. There was never any truth to this rumor. In reality, the vocals were completed several months ago and Eddie, along with everyone else, was very satisfied with them. Also, being equal partners, it’s wrong to assume that under any circumstances Eddie Van Halen could “order” anyone in the band to do anything. This is a band with four equal members. They collaborate and they agree or disagree. As we said, Eddie was not unhappy with the vocals once completed, and even if he was he could not order Roth back to the studio.
We have heard from three insiders who have heard some or all of the album, and they all report that the vocals sound great. We hear that the band has been getting along just fine and that planning for next year’s album and tour is running smoothly.
It’s the calm before the storm, everyone!

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  1. ...and when do you think the new album will be released?