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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne and Family: On "Piers Morgan Tonight" (Video)

One of reality TV's first families - "The Osbournes" - was interviewed on this past Tuesday's (October 11th) edition of "Piers Morgan Tonight", the nightly hourlong show that replaced "Larry King Live" on CNN in January. You can now watch the program in four parts below. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne talked about their turbulent past. "It's frightening," she said, reflecting on a past innocent of domestic violence. But "as hard as Ozzy would hit me, I would clobber him back," she continued. "If ever he went to hit me, I would just go right back for him."

She said the violence led to a separation, but just a brief one. "That one time, when Ozzy was arrested we were parted for three the third month, it's like, 'we can make it work,'" she said.

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