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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

KISS: Unleash New Song From "Monster" On CNN`s KISS Inc.?

Is it possible that KISS unleashed the first song from their upcoming album «Monster» as background music, without any of their usual hype, during this weekend’s ‘CNN Presents’ profile on the band?

It seems unlikely, but check out this video. Underneath all the talk about the band’s nearly four-decade career and their merchandising success, there’s a nasty little riff being played over and over again, and occasionally it runs long enough to evolve into a pretty cool instrumental segment, with drums and even some lead guitar.

Now, it could also be something from another band; the guitar does sound slightly modern and processed for Kiss, whose last studio album, «Sonic Boom,» was a welcome return to the primal sound of their ’70s heyday. But doesn’t it also seem possible that marketing master Gene Simmons is dabbling in subliminal advertising by repeating the riff from one of their upcoming songs over and over again?

Riffing starts at 1:20:

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