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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Judas Priest: Glenn Tipton, Richie Faulkner And Ian Hill Talks "The Chosen Few"

The Serene Dominic Show spoke with Judas Priest's Glenn Tipton, Ian Hill and Richie Faulkner about the selection process of their new collection, The Chosen Few. Watch them play a neck bracing 'Lightning Round' and select a 'Road Booty' prize to take with them for the rest of the Epitaph tour below. 

Tipton spoke with recently and during the extensive chat revealed that the band will release at least one more studio album.

"Me and Rob (Halford) did some writing in January and February," he says. "Our problem at the moment is time. We have such a heavy schedule and we'll need a break before we go back into the studio and carry on writing it. And now we have Richie's involvement. I've already heard some of his ideas which are very Priest-like in a sense; very appropriate, very good. So that's very exciting as well. But our problem is finding some time to sit down and all get in a room and start trying to create the next Priest. And let's hope it's a masterpiece."

Read the entire interview

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