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Saturday, September 3, 2011

KISS: "Monster": What Do We Know So Far?

What do we know so far on the new KISS album, "Monster? They´ve just got back to Conway Recording Studios in Hollywood with engineer Greg Collins to record the rest of the album. "Monster" will have its release in early 2012.

8 songs are recorded - we know 5 titles:
"Hell Or Hallelujah"
"Born To Be a Sinner"
"Are You Ready"
"Out of this World" (written by Tommy Thayer, but will he sing?)
"Wall of Sound"

There will be 10 tracks on the album, and another 2 for bonus releases. No ballads.

Produced by Paul Stanley ("Sonic Boom") we can expect a hard rockin´ album: "We've recorded eight tracks. Everything's on, except the vocals. There'll be 10 on the album, with a couple of tracks as bonuses for different projects, " said Paul Stanley in an interview with Classic Rock Magazine in August.

Tommy Thayer says: "The band is good. The last several years, the last two or three years, we've been on fire out there. the songs on the next album, that should be in stores by early 2012, will be ´more riff-oriented´ and will be slightly heavier than those on ´Sonic Boom´". 

The album cover will be similar to "Destroyer", but painted by another artist.

We expect more videos and details during the fall. In the meantime watch the below clips recorded this spring.

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