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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peter Criss Talks Horror Movies In New Video Interview

In the 11 minute video clip below, writer/director and "Detroit Rock City" movie producer Tim Sullivan chats with former KISS drummer Peter Criss about their mutual love of the horror genre that inspired four guys from Brooklyn to put on greasepaint and change the face of rock and roll forever.

During an October 2010 appearance on Eddie Trunk's "Friday Night Rocks" radio show on New York's Q104.3 FM, Criss stated about his next rock solo album, "I did finish 13 tracks. 10 of them are pretty much done, although now I have to go put vocals on them. (It's) up in the air.... I've been shying away from it because I won't do it if I don't really feel it. And I'm going to put everything I've got and own into it. This October month is killing me because I am doing all of this cancer stuff.... Every time I do go down (to the studio" and listen to it, I go, 'Jesus Christ, this is so damn good. I have to finish this.'"

On the topic of his upcoming autobiography, he said, "The book will happen when it happens. I work on it; I don't. I work on it; I don't. But I know I'll do it...I'm just right now really wrapped into this."

While some men feel embarrassed because of "this macho crap," Criss told CNN surviving breast cancer was actually a blessing. He was treated before the tumor could spread and said 

he was speaking about male breast cancer to raise the profile of this rare disease.

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