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Saturday, July 23, 2011

W.A.S.P.: Biography "Sting In The Tale" To Be Released On Monday

Author Darren P. Upton's new W.A.S.P. biography, "Sting In The Tale", will be released on Monday, July 25th. He will post purchase links on his Facebook page, found here on the day. 

"Sting In The Tale" features new interviews with Randy Piper (guitar), Chris Holmes (guitar) and Stet Howland (drums). According to a book description, "W.A.S.P. were one of the primary heavy metal bands to crawl from the gutter of the Los Angeles scene of the early '80's. Led by the charismatic, dark and intense Blackie Lawless, W.A.S.P. went on to cement their status as rock legends. From their early shows full of blood and gore, to Blackie's eventual return to his Christian roots, this book brings you bang up to date in revealing detail. Riveting and controversial, Sting In The Tale dramatically lifts the lid on the many skeletons stashed in the W.A.S.P. closet." 

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