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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne: Thought Betty Ford Was a Drinking club

Ozzy Osbourne thought the Betty Ford Clinic was going to be a drinking club. (erh...)
The outspoken rock and roll frontman was booked in to the renowned rehab centre in 1984 after his drink and drug addiction got out of hand.
“I phoned them and said ‘I’m coming in,” Ozzy, 62, recalled. “The woman asked me ‘What drugs are you doing right now?’
“I told her ‘Booze and coke.’ She said ‘I want you to keep doing them until you get here.’
“Well, I thought ‘Fucking hell, this is going to be a great place!’
“Sharon told me it was a club where they would teach me to drink like a gentleman,” he added. “I got there and asked Betty where the bar was!”

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